Our Services

We provide security services in the main categories below.

Retail Security​

We provide protective services and theft prevention services to both large and small stores across Kenya.

Home Security​

At Dreamwell, home security systems are designed to secure entrance points such as doors and windows, as well as interior space containing assets and goods.

Security Consultancy​

Dereamwell security consultants have advised individuals and businesses in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and transportation, as well as education, hospitality, and government.

Fire Safety Services​

We work with our clients, and depending the need. Dreamwell provides traditional fire alarm systems, analogue addressable fire alarms, and wireless traditional devices are also available.
Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding Services​

Deamwell Security offers a variety of security services to assist protect your people, assets, and facilities.
Dog Guarding

Guard Dog Protection​

Our dog unit provides guard dogs to protect property from unwelcome or unexpected human or animal intrusions and to keep an eye out for them.